Here are some places you can see and hear some of the work I’ve done.

Printwear Magazine

A Whole New Dimension – Puff Embroidery

How to Fail at Social Media (Even Though You’re Really Trying)

Team Color Theory

Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

All About Stabilizers

8 Ways to Use a Heat Press

Startup Options – Sublimation

Glamorous Threads

Pinterest – A Decorator’s Best Friend

4 Tips for Proper Publicity

8 Ways Companies Can Become Sustainable

Made in America

Wearables Magazine

Each issue in 2016,  Screenprinting and Embroidery sections.






2 Regular Guys PodCast

The Wrong Way to Sell

What is Digitizing

Digging Deeper Into Social Media

Discussion of the Creative Process

How to Do Social Media

Everything You Need to Know About Embroidery Supplies

Embroidery of Plush Toys