It feels weird to write about myself in the third person,  but that’s kind of what I’ve been doing lately.  When you write bios for writing and speaking,  you refer to yourself by name.  It’s almost as if you’re talking about another person.   I suppose anyone who writes or speaks for a living experiences that feeling.   There’s the real you,  sitting at home in your sweats,  typing away at whatever work needs to be done,  and there’s the biographical you,  winning awards and writing for prestigious magazines and speaking at cool events.

The stats so far are these.   I write, or have written for Printwear, Stitches, Wearables and Engraver’s Journal – magazines that serve the garment decoration industry.   I’m speaking about social media at the Decorated Apparel Expo,   a trade show that also serves the garment decoration industry.   I’ve won regional ASPBE gold medals for the Ask an Expert column I wrote for Stitches Magazine and the DecQuorum blog for the same publication.  For the past 11 years,  I’ve been Director of Marketing for Ensign Emblem and EnMart,  companies in the garment decoration industry.

Those are the facts.

Here’s the reality.  I’ve been a writer since I could form letters.   I’m interested in marketing and social media because they’re about communication.  I like writing and talking about those subjects because I think discussing and sharing what I know can help businesses handle marketing and social media better.

Do I have all the answers?  Not even close.

Do I know some of the right questions to ask?  Definitely.